Be the change. Go vegan!


Hi, I’m Belinda.

I’m vegan and live in Sydney, Australia.

I love cooking.
I love being vegan.
I feel strongly about justice and respect for all animals.
I like to plant seeds.

This is my little piece of the web where these things can merge. I also work in online communications and have a background in graphic design, but this is my non-professional blog. Oh, my star sign is INTJ.

What’s your point?

I really want to promote how easy and brilliant a vegan lifestyle is. Going vegan has truly been one of the best decisions of my life and I want to share it. Read my vegan story.

Perhaps I can connect with and learn from other vegans too. Perhaps I can quell some misconceptions about vegans (I had ‘em once), or help those new to veganism or considering the change. Who knows.

What do you write about?

I blog about what I’ve been doing lately and generally my experience living vegan. This might include things I’ve been cooking, new or interesting products or books I’ve found, or vegan-friendly restaurants or cafes I’ve visited too.

While veganism is more than just eating a plant-based diet (see definition), home cooking does feature prominently… both because I enjoy it and the food is so flipping brilliant!

I’m vegan for ethical reasons and also write about, or link to, interesting advocacy or animal rights stuff I come across. Make no mistake, there are so many talented, smart vegans out there and there’s always a new perspective to be shared.

Of course there may be other miscellany thrown in. This is my little space after all… I make no promises.

Hey, Twitter folk!

If I’ve followed you on Twitter and you’re vegan – howdy comrade! *waves* Let’s tweet sometime!

If I’ve followed and you’re not into animal rights or veganism – howdy! *waves*
If you haven’t met me in real life, you may be a little confused as to why I’m following you. You may even be concerned you’re about to get harangued by one of those animal rights nutters.

Fear not, I don’t bite (that’s an obvious one), I’m not into PETA and I certainly don’t spout obscenities at non-vegans. Actually, I’m non-violent and generally quite reserved.

You just probably have something to say that interests me. There may be a common thread related to my day-job or the area we live for instance. Simple!

Follow back if you like, or not.

Legals, disclaimer and stuff

  1. This is my website, it is mine, and belongs to me and I own it, and what it is too.
  2. My views are mine also and have nothing even remotely to do with my employer/s, past, present or future.
  3. I accept no responsibility for anything unfortunate that happens to you after visiting here, reading my blog or using your computer (mobile, tablet-thingo whatever).  I may empathise though.
  4. Also if you make a recommended recipe and you don’t like it, it’s not my fault. We’re all different and I like olives. You should really try to like them, but I understand they may be an acquired taste for some. Again, empathy.
  5. I respect critical thought and appreciate we may have slightly different, or (shock-horror) even polar opposite views. I welcome debate – freedom of thought and all that. However, if you make a comment that I consider to be spammy, defamatory or just plain mean and nasty, I reserve the right not to publish, delete and report it as is my want. Refer to point 1.
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