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13 Apr 2010

Article: Why animal rights are (still) a feminist issue

An article on 'The Scavenger' reflects on the first feminist conference held in Sydney for 15 years.

Katrina Fox has written a interesting article on The Scavenger, reflecting on feminism and animal rights in light of the recent ‘F‘ conference held in Sydney.

The article covers some great points about oppression and exploitation in relation to both human and non-human animals.  Katrina also heads off the ‘one rights vs other’ accusation that animal activists often hear.  To quote:

“It’s not a case of fighting for EITHER human OR animal rights, for being involved in feminist causes OR animal causes. You don’t need to attend an anti-vivisection demonstration instead of starting up a rape crisis centre, but we can choose not to support the exploitation of non-humans in our day-to-day consumption – and especially at feminist conferences.”

I’d encourage you to read the full article, and leave any thoughts on The Scavenger‘s website.

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