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03 Jun 2012

The honeymoon is over (I’m back!)

Geez... Talk about a while between drinks.

Oh hello. Yes, I slacked off here I know. What have I been up to? Hmm, well 2011 ended up being pretty eventful and this little blog took a backseat to a wedding, a big ride of a honeymoon and then a tropical disease.

The short version: In October 2011 I finally married my gorgeous partner and we had a fantastic all-vegan celebration with family and friends. Even though we kept things small and low-key, there was still a lot of planning involved, many months in fact. We had a great, relaxed day and the only stressful part was making my first – and last – wedding cake.

My homemade vegan wedding cake

After the wedding, we travelled to Bangkok and fuelled up on delicious vegan Thai food, which I plan to post about in more detail another time. We then headed to Laos to start our biggest challenge: mountain-biking over 600kms up and down the mountains (um, they’re pretty big).


Unfortunately towards the end of the ride, I came off my bike, got two black-eyes, covered from head to toe in scrapes and bruises and had my arm stitched up by some lovely Lao folk. The accident didn’t bother me too much as nothing could ruin the amazing trip. However, shortly after that, I came down with Dengue Fever. This mosquito-borne disease knocked me around in ways I cannot begin to describe and the effects have lingered for months.

It’s been a slow recovery but I finally feel back to 100% again. So with increased energy, my motivation to get back into training, cooking and other creative things is much stronger :)

Looking back at last year, I’d say that experimenting with raw foods dominated my cooking (or uncooking) escapades. I tried quite a few stints of high-raw vegan and 100% raw eating and felt lots of positive effects in both body and mind. One thing I noticed in particular was increased energy and stamina when training. I had a lot of fun trying out new recipes in my blender and dehydrator too.

I definitely discovered that eating a higher raw diet makes me feel generally better, and while I don’t plan on being 100% raw, I’m committed to incorporating a lot more raw foods into my routine.

So with that, I’ll be writing here more often, sharing my food experiments and other stuff of interest. I think I might give the blog a little makeover while I’m at it… I can never stop rearranging the furniture ;)

It’s nice to be back!

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