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02 Jan 2011

Sharing my story: How I got a new pair of eyes

I've been meaning to write my vegan story for a while...

I really enjoy reading personal accounts from others about how they became vegan. We all arrive via different paths and I know when I was curious about the lifestyle and transition, these real-life stories were of great comfort and help. Read more »

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13 Apr 2010

Article: Why animal rights are (still) a feminist issue

An article on 'The Scavenger' reflects on the first feminist conference held in Sydney for 15 years.

Katrina Fox has written a interesting article on The Scavenger, reflecting on feminism and animal rights in light of the recent ‘F‘ conference held in Sydney.

The article covers some great points about oppression and exploitation in relation to both human and non-human animals.  Read more »

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