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26 Mar 2010

Brekky at Big Brekky

In search of a vegan cafe breakfast on a weekday...

So it’s Friday and our usual breakfast haunt, Naked Espresso is closed. We’re in need of a good coffee and that’s guaranteed at Big Brekky on Stanmore Road, Petersham.

Brekky at Big Brekky

However, for all the meals on the Big Brekky menu, not one of them is vegan. Sure, they offer a vegetarian breakfast but this is centred around chickens’ eggs – as are most of their meals.

Big Brekky also lists ‘Extras’ on their menu which can be ordered separately. A few items looked like they could be vegan or veganised.

After speaking with the staff and checking ingredients, it turns out many of the extras do not contain any animal products. Staff were very helpful and had no issues running into the kitchen to double-check details.  I was concerned about butter being used on the vegetables but the waitress assured me that only olive oil was used to roast both the tomatoes and mushrooms.

It turns out Big Brekky really can put together a great vegan spread based on their menu extras. Here’s what we had:

  • Slow cooked giant butter-beans (cinnamony)
  • Roast vine tomatoes
  • Mushrooms in olive oil
  • Avocado slices
  • Malted sourdough

Potential vegan menu item? Hopefully they’ll consider it especially since the Vegan Expo will be happening around the corner from their cafe soon!

Update 14 April: It seems the menu has now changed to the Winter edition and the giant beans are no longer available (they only have cannellini beans cooked in with a ham bone). One more reason to experiment with a home-made version of their baked beans!

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  1. We definitely need a list of week day vegan breakfast places. I love the look of your meal @ Big Brekky.

    Mandee — April 6, 2010

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