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03 Jan 2011

A Christmas feast

For the second year, Christmas lunch was another all-vegan affair. Something which I’m very grateful for.

Last year, we offered to cook for Christmas lunch and I had a go at making a stuffed vegan roast, served with baked vegetables, peas and gravy. It turned out so well that the family requested the same again this year!

Hey, if it keeps the turkey off the table, we’re only too happy to oblige :)

As lunch wasn’t at our house, we did as much pre-preparation as possible. The goal being: arrive, bake, eat, drink and be merry!

I used Thrifty Vegan’s excellent recipe and this time didn’t alter the stuffing ingredients, keeping to the original festive mix of herbs, pecans, cranberries and wild rice. I steamed the roulade the day before and also made a mixed berry uncheesecake for dessert. That was most of the meal sorted.

On Christmas morning, I par-steamed potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes and packed them into baking trays with onions, garlic, rosemary and thyme, oil and salt. I also made the gravy which was Massel Supreme with added red wine, tomato sauce and pepper (yup, just like PK says).

Once we arrived, all that needed to be done was wrap the roulade in the tofu skin, brush with soy and oil and bake the lot (Tip: I hold back in putting the roulade in until the last 45 minutes).

Here’s the roast out of the oven and about to go on the table. There was also a huge bowl of assorted baked veges right next to this platter.

Vegan roast / seitan roulade with roasted vegetables

After slicing, and raiding the veges!

Vegan roast / seitan roulade

Our ‘traditional looking’ baked lunch.

Our vegan Christmas lunch

And finally dessert: lemon-vanilla uncheesecake with mixed berries.

Mixed-berry uncheesecake

A fine Christmas indeed and were so grateful to have shared an all-vegan meal with the family again.

There were even a few leftovers on Boxing Day… who am I to resist a roast sandwich? Oh so good!

Boxing Day leftover sandwich

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