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02 Oct 2012

Vegan MoFo 2012 – Sydney food truck eats: The Veggie Patch Van

The roaming Sydney vegetarian food truck serves up some creative vegan and raw options.

Last week, the new vegetarian food truck, The Veggie Patch Van, visited a nearby Sydney park. I just had to take the opportunity to check out their vegan fare and report back for Vegan MoFo.

Vegan MoFo 2012

Food trucks are a fairly new and somewhat novel thing here. The City of Sydney council is running a 12-month trial so see if they’ll catch on with the public. There are ten differently-themed food trucks approved, and a handful of these have started operating around the city, popping up at various events and locations.

The Veggie Patch Van is the only all-vegetarian food truck in the trial and according to their website, the van is designed to minimise environmental impact, with all waste produced (including packaging), being compostable. In addition, the vehicle runs on recycled vegetable oil and uses solar panels to power cooking – pretty cool!

I knew The Veggie Patch Van had a changing menu, but hoped that it wasn’t centered around dairy and/or egg-laden items. So when they tweeted their menu for the day, it was great to see that three out of four items were vegan, with gluten-free options too. I guess this shouldn’t have come as a surprise given that the food truck is a collaboration involving the vegan-friendly Surry Hills restaurant, Yulli’s.

The day's menu

Veggie Patch Van tweeted their menu – vegan options, phew!

I arrived in Belmore Park not long after the van had opened – a little keen! The Veggie Patch Van was decked out in a really fun way, with herb boxes on the side and a colourful blackboard menu.

The Veggie Patch Van

Staring at the herbs made me even more hungry as I waited in the line!

I decided to order the raw pasta but then threw in some sweet potato chips at the last minute (it’s research, you know).

Here’s what I bought:

Kale and Sweet Potato Chips with Herb Mayo (gluten-free) – $6

Kale and Sweet Potato Chips with Herb Mayo

I ordered these chips thinking the sweet potato would be cut like fries, but the shape was way better as they were nice and crispy. Previously I’ve ordered sweet potato chips hoping for crunchy goodness but only to be let down by being served a soggy, oily mess. There is hope!

Onto kale…deep fried.

OK, fried kale was a first for me, but I must admit it was very tasty and another crunchy wonder. While I’m not about to ditch my beloved dehydrated kale chips, this was a novelty. I’ll also give a special mention the delicious herb mayo on top of both chips – great addition.

Raw pumpkin pesto pasta tossed with enoki mushrooms, kalamata olives, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and broccoli sprouts (raw, gluten free)  – $10

Raw pumpkin pesto pasta

This was a winner and I love that the Veggie Patch Van are promoting raw vegan as a fast-food option. I also reckon that if this is the first exposure people have to raw vegan food, it’s a pretty good one.

This pasta was not only a creative raw offering, but it was richly flavoured and very filling. Don’t be deceived by that little cup!

I have no doubt the raw vegan blackberry, macadamia chocolate tart would have been equally delicious, but I was way too full to consider it.

Overall I was really impressed with my first food truck experience. The Veggie Patch Van certainly delivered on providing some quality vegan food. Let’s hope the vegan options keep dominating.

I will be sure to visit again when they’re next in my ‘hood… if only to try the dessert ;)

You can keep up with the whereabouts of The Veggie Patch Van via Twitter (@veggiepatchvan) and on their Facebook page.

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  1. I am so excited that someone has finally been able to try this van, I feel like we heard about it so long ago. I am really happy that they have vegan and gluten free options now I have to track them down so I can try it too!

    Mands — October 4, 2012

  2. Yes, it’s great they’re finally doing the rounds. I forgot to mention that they did offer gluten-free buns… but I hope one day they make their burger vegan too.

    miscdebris — October 4, 2012

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