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23 Oct 2012

Vegan MoFo 2012 – Yellow Rose’s Green-wa

Seriously green quinoa

Based on colour alone, this bright salad from Joanna Vaught got my attention. For this recipe, I’ve opted for an Indian variation.

Vegan MoFo 2012

Yellow Rose Recipes

Yellow Rose Recipes, by Joanna Vaught had received rave reviews and it was on my wishlist for a while. I almost left it too late to get my hands on a copy, snapping up one of the remaining few from Herbivore Clothing a couple of years back.

When I received Yellow Rose Recipes, I headed straight for the Mexican style recipes. I routinely made the Tangy Sour Cream, Nacho Sauce, Refried Black Beans, Dirrrry Rice and Beans and a various salsas – all delicious. I also branched out and tried my first batch of seitan from this book too, coating it in a tasty mustard crust.

But for a while now, Yellow Rose Recipes has sat unopened on my shelf. So Vegan MoFo is a great time to revisit it!

Once again I’m looking for something new that will be quick and easy to take to work for lunch. I’ve picked a quinoa salad that’s mildly spiced, but far-removed from the Mexican flavours I usually associate with the book.

Indian Green-wa

Joanna includes three variations for this salad, and I’ve chosen the Indian version.

Ingredients: Indian Green-wa

The Indian Green-wa ingredients include quinoa, garlic, green onions, curry powder, lots of spinach, coconut milk, coriander and steamed peas.

The recipe specifies green onions which are chopped and divided into the green and white parts. I wasn’t sure if I had the right onions for this dish as there seemed to be more white than green.

The first step was to cook the quinoa in water the usual way, then transfer to a bowl.

While the quinoa boiled, the onions and garlic were sauteed in a pan until tender. Both the curry powder and spinach were then added in and steamed until the greens were wilted. With that done, all of the cooking was out of the way :)

Adding the spinach

The onion-spinach mix was then blended up with coriander leaves and coconut milk. I love it when I get to chuck everything into the Vitamix rather than a food processor. It’s so quick to clean.

The spinach puree was then mixed with the cooled quinoa, peas and spring onions.

Mixing the greens

I served the Indian Green-wa topped with chopped cashews. What a gorgeous colour!

Indian Green-wa

Salad: Indian Green-wa

The Green-wa was really tasty and light. The curry flavour was ever so subtle and thankfully the onion didn’t overpower the spinach… although I’m still not sure if used the right onions.

I think the flavours improved overnight too. I took the quinoa on top of a green salad for lunch. It was delicious with a squeeze of lemon and extra cashews.

This was a totally different style of quinoa salad for me, and it was very easy prepare. I would make it again and might try blending raw spinach in the dressing next time.

Note: While Yellow Rose Recipes is now out of print, check out Joanna’s follow-up, Yellow Rose Greatest Hits

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