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26 Jun 2012

Making raw coconut yoghurt

Creamy, fluffy, tangy goodness!

Over the last year or so, I’ve developed a love of young coconuts and they have become a regular item on our weekly fruit and veg shop. I buy them mostly to drink, but also use the meat in smoothies, dressings and salads. They are used quite a bit in raw recipes and are so versatile, not to mention tasty!

Raw vegan coconut yoghurtOne thing I had heard about, but not tried to make, was raw coconut yoghurt.

I was keen to have a go, if only to use my dehydrator for something new ;) I searched around for a raw version and GirlonRaw’s recipe looked super-easy. As a bonus, it used a probiotic that I already had in the fridge.

I hastily started to make a batch but unfortunately, it was unsuccessful – no fluff or tang!

It turned out that my probiotics were out of date so my yoghurt didn’t culture. In any case, the failed yoghurt was still a tasty coconut cream so it got used in smoothies that week.

Having learned my lesson, I shelled out for a new bottle of ‘bots. My second attempt turned out much better and my husband said he preferred the homemade coconut yoghurt to the commercially available variety. Given that the store stuff was not raw and cost $11 per tub, I was pretty happy :)

I now make coconut yoghurt regularly and sometimes double or triple the batch. Not only do we eat it with raw granola, it’s great in any recipe that uses yoghurt.

Each time I’ve made a batch, I’ve changed the quantities a little and recorded the weighed ingredients (I prefer to use a scale to measure stuff generally).

Below is my basic batch recipe, closely adapted from GirlonRaw’s helpful post.

Recipe: Raw vegan coconut yoghurt


Making raw coconut yoghurt

  • 240g young coconut meat (2 coconuts are usually enough)
  • 330ml coconut water
  • 1 rounded teaspoon probiotics powder (e.g. Dairy Free Inner Health Plus)


  1. Crack open the coconuts. If you don’t know how to open one, I recommend watching this short YouTube video.
  2. Drain the juice and scoop out the meat into a separate bowl. I bought this WMF butter curler (pictured) which works brilliantly to scrape out coconut meat.

Making raw coconut yoghurt

  1. Measure out the meat and juice into your blender container.
  2. Blend until completely smooth. Be careful that the mixture doesn’t heat up.

Making raw coconut yoghurt

  1. Pour out the mix into a glass bowl and stir through the probiotics powder.

Making raw coconut yoghurt

  1. Cover the bowl and place into your dehydrator at 100°F / 38°C for 6 hours. Obviously, put the cover on your dehydrator too!

Making raw coconut yoghurt

  1. After 6 hours you should have a thicker, fluffier and tangy yoghurt. It will thicken further on refrigeration and keeps for around 2 weeks in an sealed container.

Raw coconut yoghurt

That’s it! You could add a fruit puree or other things but I usually add extras when serving.

Soon I’ll be posting some recipes for raw granola, which is a perfect match with this yoghurt :)

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  1. Hi, I want to make coconut yogurt for my son who can’t eat dairy. I was just going to use cans of coconut milk to give it a ago, and the Inner Health as you did. Any idea how much probiotic to how much canned milk?


    Aarti — November 19, 2012

  2. Hi Aarti, While I haven’t had any experience making yoghurt from canned coconut milk, perhaps this coconut yoghurt recipe from Easy As Vegan Pie might help. This recipe uses coconut cream and suggests up to 1 teaspoon per can might work, depending how tangy you like it. Good luck!

    miscdebris — November 20, 2012

  3. Hi tried making coconut yoghurt twice today no luck …. I used shreaded coconut meat from local Asian supermarket but yoghurt ended up so grainy I couldn’t get it smooth 2nd attept I added chi coconut water instead of the actual coconut water I tried blending I tried food processer any ideas maybe will try again w real flesh… Boohoo

    Tanya — January 13, 2013

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